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Art and Inspiration


Words for myself right now and if they resonate with anyone else, that’s a bonus.  I’m always holding back until conditions are just right…. But they’re never perfect and I’m rarely completely prepared.  But I’ve decided to just go ahead and start anyway. 

Instead of having a full time job and doing art part time, I’m going into art full time.  Whee!!! Here we go!!

  “Jump, and build your wings on the way down”

I’m in a bit of a free fall, but I’m just going to ride it out and trust.  Things always have a way of working out

May you all have an incredibly blessed week,

You Never Know What Will Happen


Pikachu the art assistant helping me with the photographs.  He’s incredibly helpful.

Quote today from Eminem
“The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.  Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”

Enjoy the funny little moments, because really life is about the small everyday miracles rather than the big events.  The more you appreciate the little moments, the more you learn to love life in general.

And you never when a kitty will pop out from behind a painting….

Affirmations, Muhammad Ali and Zombie Bugs

“I said I was great before I even believed it.”  -Muhammad Ali

I love affirmations.  And hey, Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest fighters in history, and one of my favorite athletes ever, used them to become Awesome.  So I’m totally down with posting them in my  studio.  I’m ready to be awesome, too. 

I also like to laugh.   And I find sometimes I have to remind myself not to take this stuff too seriously.  Life is fun and unpredictable and, occasionally ridiculous.  So I created these Zombie Bugs to remind myself of the fun factor. 

IMG_20140630_130438 IMG_20140701_121651

Affirmations are awesome.  Life is fun.  Laughter is good.

These crack me up.   Remind of the good things.  So I’m sharing them with you.

 What makes you laugh?  Definitely bring more of it into your life. 

That is all. 

Thanks for letting me share this with you.



Thinks to Think About #1

Thinks to Think About #1

If you touch just one other person in a positive way, you’ve enriched someone else’s life.

Think about that.  Especially during the times you feel like giving up on your dreams.  You are making a difference, even if you may not be able to see it yet.  Keep going, because you will touch more lives, and in return your life will be enriched.

That’s kind of a big deal…